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Stay at Home Update April 17, 2021

The Ontario Provincial Emergency orders have been extended until May 20th. We can only hope that the current Covid situation in Ontario will improve over this time.

We will navigate through this Emergency Order and, update everyone as best we can.

As small business owners, we will respect our Provincial Government guidelines. Thus, our campground will remain closed with no access during the Emergency Order.

We understand that there is discrepant information on camping. For example, “camping is available for full season contracts”. The clarification on this was intended for Snow Birds requiring housing. Or, so we interpret it to be.

Regardless of how we interpret the information. The bottom line is, “Stay At Home” order. And, unfortunately camping falls into the category of recreational and non-essential.

As small business owners, we have nothing to gain and everything to lose by remaining closed. So we are with you. And, we want to open up and see everyone have a great summer as soon as possible.

We are continuing to prepare for opening. We appreciate your understanding.

Stay safe and healthy. We will see you soon.

Ron and Lori Grant



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