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Pine Echo Camp will Open May 20th

Updated: May 18, 2021

Hello Campers,

After conversations and correspondence with our local Health Board, we have decided to open the Campground on Thursday, May 20th for Seasonal Campers only. During the Emergency Stay at Home order, the rules are strict and must be followed. Gates are manual access only until Emergency Stay at Home Order is over. Thus, call ahead and come during regular hours, as all gate cards are currently deactivated.

You will have access to public washrooms only.

- NO golf cart usage or access away from your camp site.

- NO visiting or interaction with others.

- All children must be accompanied off your site.

- Dog walking and walking for exercise is permitted.

- ONLY household members permitted on your campsite.

- NO social gathering with anyone that isn't from your household.

Masks must be worn to access public washrooms and when having dealings with the store.

The current Stay-At-Home Order (Ontario regulation 265/21) provides individuals who own multi-residences permission to go to their other homes, but only for prescribed reasons and lengths of time. Section 1 (1) number 19 states:

19. Travelling to another residence of the individual if,

i. the individual intends to be at the residence for less than 24 hours and is attending for one of the purposes set out in this Order, or

ii. the individual intends to reside at the residence for at least 14 days.

Purposes set out in the Stay-At-Home Order that permit an owner to be at their residence for less than 24 hours can be found in section 1 (1) number 7, however, any other listed purpose found in the Stay-At-Home Order would suffice.

7. Obtaining goods, obtaining services, or performing such activities as are necessary for landscaping, gardening and the safe operation, maintenance and sanitation of households, businesses, means of transportation or other places.

For these reasons, we will currently permit campers to visit their sites for less than 24 hours permitted they abide by the rules herein. ie. actively readying, maintaining their sites and RV’)

Pine Echo Camp will open May 20, 2021 to Seasonal Campers who:

1. Comply and abide with the above. Any breach of the rules herein or (new) Code of Conduct will result in immediate removal from the campground.

2. Have a signed 2021 Seasonal Contract and Covid Waiver.

3. Sign the new COVID/Campground Code of Conduct, and any additional contracts as deemed necessary.

4. 2021 Seasonal Fees paid in full. This applies to all seasonal campers despite which date you choose to arrive at the campground.

5. Notify the campground of when they intend to arrive.

It is our hope that seasonal campers who cannot commit to the 14 day or 24-hour conditions will be able to enjoy their sites again immediately after the Stay-At-Home Order.

Please check our webpage or Facebook page for any further announcements.

Best Regards

Ron & Lori Grant



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