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Phase 2 commencing June 12, 2020

Hello Campers,

Hope this message finds all of you well and enjoying the summer heat. As per The Province of Ontario’s Phase 2 updates, we have proactively been in contact with our local health Officials in determining the do’s and don'ts of Phase 2. We will list the new information as it pertains to camping.

As of Friday June 12 @ 12:01 am,

1. Transient camping will be allowed. (Must be of same address in camping unit). We urge anyone to verify reservations with the office as there has been numerous confusing situations during the past few months. 2. Washroom/shower facilities will be open. Social distancing is crucial and you must wash your hands! Parents must accompany young children. Washroom facilities will be cleaned as normal. Self contain in your camper if you are concerned about using the public washroom/shower facilities.

3. Swimming will be allowed. All social distancing rules apply. Parents MUST be responsible for their children at all times. While in the water or on the beach. Do NOT leave beach toys or items unattended.

4. Sorry, NO playground equipment at this time.

5. Visitors will be allowed for day use only. Absolutely NO overnight visitors will be allowed to stay in camping units. All day visitors must safely leave before 11:30 pm. All Campers seasonal or transient, ARE responsible for the conduct of their visitors. You are responsible to make sure visitors DO NOT consume alcohol or drugs while visiting, so that they may safely leave before 11:30 pm. As a seasonal or transient camper, you will be responsible to provide a safe ride home for any of your guests.

6. Store will be open on limited hours. Only 2 persons from same address will be allowed in store at one time. Don’t be offended if you are asked to wait outside while someone else is served inside.

Groups of up to 10 people will be allowed and you MUST practice all social distancing rules. All fires and gathering MUST be dissolve by 11:30pm. We shouldn’t have to remind people about this however, it is important for the safety and well being of all Campers. All everyone needs to do is be responsible and respectful to others. Our path to obliterating Covid19 is up to everyone and by working together we will see Stage 3 soon.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Best Regards Ron and Lori



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