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Camp is opening May 21, 2020

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Hello Campers,

Looks like the weather is going to improve for us all. Some sunshine and warmth is finally on the way.

The Campground is in a good position and we will be open tomorrow, May 21st. We will be open to all seasonal contract Campers ONLY.

There is approx 1/2 hour of paperwork to be done if you have not already done so. Anyone that has not yet completed this paperwork, can do so anytime now. You will require seasonal payment (if not already paid). You will also require proof of insurance for trailer, golf cart, any watercraft as well as all registered vehicles.

All paperwork must be done before entry to Campground. We will accommodate as best we can, however, please be patient if there is a wait. Some of you will be able to come during the week and that will certainly help with any Friday rush.

Remember, Covid-19 restrictions are in place! It will be up to everyone to adhere to the guidelines. We can work together for any issues or questions that may come up.

See you soon.


Ron and Lori Grant



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